Hi everyone,

My name is Grace Joy, I am a PINAY or Filipina(a woman from the Philippines) living in UK. My blog is all about my life in the UK and how I am embracing British culture. In my blogs I will share with you my friends the interesting experiences, adventures, a bit of a lifestyle that I have now and how my life changed since I moved to a foreign country and now I call home.

Leaving home in 2015 was a tough decision for me to made as I needed to leave behind my whole life, my family, my dear friends and my home, the Philippines. But I supposed it was also the best decision I ever made because leaving home was a turning point for me to explore more of life outside my comfort zone and it opened so much opportunities not just for my career but also for my personal life.

In my blogs I would like to share with you the best part of living in the UK and I’ll showcase here the grandeur and rich British way of life and culture. In addition, I also share here my personal interests like shopping and item review, cooking keto meals, and I am going to talk about our dog, Lady. Most importantly, I am going to share with you my thoughts and learnings as a migrant in a foreign country.

welcome to my blog ! 🙂

This is Grace Joy ,Pinay version 2.o!!

“Making a BIG life changing decision like leaving home is scary. But do you know what’s even scarier? REGRET!! ” -unknown