Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Lady Fung

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Lady Fung

It is with great joy to announce to all of you that Yes, me and Andy (my boyfriend) have a puppy!! Her name is Lady Fung. She is a cavalier king charles spaniel (sound royalty, right?) . Her date of birth is 13 February 2020 and we brought her home 3 April 2020. 3rd of April will be her birthdays as that is the day she was born in our hearts. Andy gave the name ”LADY” literally from the Disney movie: Lady and the Tramp.

To be honest, I had mixed emotions when we got her. I felt so excited that I did not get a decent sleep the night before we got her and at the same time I was really nervous as I felt like I am not ready to become a mum…. at age 31! Just a short story to tell, when I arrived in UK I was living at the hospital accommodation where I am working. I always been wanting to get a pet but it was not allowed. When I moved in with my boyfriend, I have not thought of getting a pet initially because we are so busy at work and we were still at the stage where we are adjusting ourselves living together.

Until , COVID19 days came and Andy (my boyfriend) and I are doing work from home. I started teasing him of getting a pup and sent him loads of cute puppy photos. I did not know he was then checking on and at the same time, I was checking too. I started looking for a puppy on Sunday and we found a potential puppy on Friday the next week. We were not able to view the puppy personally as we have to observed social distancing. We just then face-timed the breeder. I fell in love with Lady the first time. She has a very sweet face and distinctive nose. Me and Andy decided to get her. She was actually the last available from the litter of 6. On the next day Saturday, we have travelled to Southampton to finally bring home the puppy. We took the risk of travelling as those times they just implemented the travel only if necessary. Of course that trip was the most important for me because it was the day I met my first baby puppy, LADY.

At first , Andy was a bit hesitant to get this puppy as he was not sure how our family reacts, the pup was a bit pricy, and how are we gonna raise the pup if we starts to go back to normal and the lockdown pass-off. I persuaded Andy and he realised my point of having a puppy. At that point I knew the puppy is our baby. In my heart she will be the reason for us to create more bonding times in our family. There will be a common reason for us to come together and have more fun. We have common interest and we have a what we now call, OUR BABY PUPPY LADY.

Why I blog?

Why I blog?

I am creating this blog to share my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned over the years of living in a foreign country like the UK. This blog will tackle informations on how I am facing all the challenges that comes my way and also how I celebrate life away from home. There are pros and cons of being a foreigner in a country where I call my second home. These I will speak about them in my blog. Travel is also part of the reason why I start blogging. I would like to share my travel history and my travel bucket list in this website. As a person from the far east, being in the UK is a strategic place to live for travelling around Europe and America. How exciting for me to share with you the places I’ve been and what are the tips and hacks I’ve learned during those time. British culture is also my interest. I would like to share here in blogs the British norms and traditions that I learned throughout the years I lived here. I also would like to share my interest


shopping and item reviews


raising a puppy (our pup Lady) a cavalier king charles spaniel